Chicago: You're Stuck Here


The big story of the week is that I was supposed to speak at a conference in Ocean City, MD about free and low-cost tools for nonprofits. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I live in

Chicago and weather conditions made it impossible to fly out in time to give the talk. Nuts! Then again, who wants to go to Ocean City in February? My next trip is scheduled later next month--which starts tomorrow--for the NTEN Conference in New Orleans. If anybody is getting there on Wednesday, I suggest you go to the NTEN Science Fair if for nothing else than to see the exhibits and take place in the raffle. I got an email from them and it looks like they're giving out a million iPods, but don't quote me on that figure.

Speaking of New Orleans, does anybody need a room(mate)? My organization,, has put me up at the Sheraton (where the conference is being held), but I'm staying in a double and would like to save some money for them if I can. If anybody's interested in splitting the room, email me at

Aside from that, does anybody know about good resources for website accessibility? I'm supposed to be researching it in preparation for making our site more accessible, but I'm finding guides that might be more trouble than they're worth. Any suggestions?

Finally, I had a good experience the other day with regards to my position. My roommate was wondering who gave its services to. I told her that we typically give our services to nonprofits (especially 501c3s). She then told me that her family had just applied for nonprofit status for an organization that centers around her cousin and the rare medical condition that he has. They were looking to make a website for the organization. "Sure," I said, "We can get you that." Yeah, I'm cool. I work at a nonprofit.

Comment from Anita Lie on February 29, 2008 - 8:59pm

You can try out these website then:

We redesigned our website. But of course you don't have to read all the checkpoints if you don't plan on putting some of things like tables and stuff..

There was a website the checked to make sure it was accessible for free, but now you have to buy it. You can still check it out at :

Comment from Anita Lie on February 29, 2008 - 9:11pm

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Comment from Morgan Sully on April 9, 2008 - 5:00pm

Hey Anita,
these links are great. Good to have an expert on board. Did you document any of this in your manual that you are composing? Or did you stick mainly with hardware?