Support for Professional Online Publishing

I am working on a software system that can be deployed in web servers for online publications.

The system supports the publication of editions on given dates. An edition contains articles, which can have been written by various authors. Editors can plan the edition up until its publication date and upload the articles in their final versions. From the publication date on, the public can read the edition.

When the public first visits the web site, they see the current edition. If they choose, they can navigate to an index of past editions.

Readers can also see an index of the topics covered. Editors can highlight for the readers, those articles that they think especially worthy with respect to a given topic.

To justify public support via CTC VISTA for this development, let me point out its usefulness for publications covering the problems and questions surrounding the making and carrying out of public policy. Owing to online publishing's lower cost relative to the print media and television, and its better support for reader participation, it can improve the level and quality of democratic participation.

Comment from Morgan Sully on August 26, 2008 - 9:33pm

Is there a staging server I could check it out on? I'd be interested in checking it out. You can send it to me via email if you like too.