Finding Hidden Social Service Resources

I've been continuing to work on finding hidden social service resources within the state of Washington in order to post them on our website. I spent a considerable amount of time checking our listings and finding new resources for Spokane county. I must have found at least 200 more resources for Spokane county and updated another 100 with website links.

Ronda, my supervisor, was on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I attended a senior networking meeting in her place. It's amazing how many services are available for senior citizens in our community. We have a strong support network for seniors to retire, from in-home help to long term care, there must be at least 50 organizations providing some sort of residential care. Some new folks providing services attended the meeting. One I noted was an attorney providing estate planning services for seniors at half the normal hourly rate. That's a bargain considering that the going rate for doing a living trust runs around $2000.