Doing more grant writing

I'm still working on locating and updating resources in our online, resource database. I'm also working on 3 grants with Ronda, my supervisor:

* Compassion Grant
* Kennewick CDBG (Community development block grant)
* Richland CDBG (Community development block grant)

For the Compassion Grant, we're proposing to work with 50 organizations (non-profit or faith-based) to help them reach out to their communities with asset building and online, self-help resources to help at risk people get out of poverty.

For the Kennewick CDBG Grant, we're proposing to supply 20 young mothers who recently, or will have, their first baby with computers and internet access and provide them with tools for baby development and care, online education about Microsoft products (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), resume writing, and office etiquette -- all to help them become more self-sufficient.

For the Richland CDBG Grant, we're proposing a project similar to that for the Kennewick CDBG Grant we're proposing to supply a number of at risk families with computers and internet access, online education about Microsoft products, online education about resume writing, online education about office etiquette, and online access to information about social services to help them help themselves out of poverty.

In the coming month, I'll be ending my term of service as an Americorps CTC Vista. I plan to continue volunteering for RECA Foundation and, maintaining the online, resource database and assisting with grant writing.