Suppose to do this monthly, right?

Another month has gone by, fairly quickly I'd say. I have a feeling this whole experience is going to go by faster than I expect.

This month my major accomplishment was the completion of transitioning the CSL's Version Control Software (VCS) from Subversion to Bazaar. Looking over my last field report it appears, to my chagrin, that the last 1% of the transition took basically a month to complete. That's how it goes, right? To my credit, I've been doing a bunch of other tasks as well, and the vast majority of my remaining work with the Bazaar transition was documentation.

One of the other projects I assisted in was with another AmeriCorps VISTA, Carolyn, in preparing a demo of our software for the Ethos Roundtable, a monthly gathering of tech-focused non-profit leaders in Cambridge, MA. We put together a slideshow counting the top 10 flaws of our software, and encouraged the crowd to discuss them and how we could improve. Honestly, the crowd at the Ethos Roundtable need very little prodding to incite discussion, and we made it through maybe half the list in our allotted time. The conversations were lively and constructive, however, and the overall experience was a positive one.

This next month my primary focus will be in merging our two web applications ( and onto the same code base and start work on getting the code ready to become a Debian package. We'll see how far along this goal I actually get.

Comment from Mira Allen on October 7, 2009 - 4:45pm

Don't you hate when what seems like the simplest things take forever? Don't get discouraged- it happens to all of us. You're doing an awesome job. And yes- you're correct in assuming that the year will pass by quickly (at least that's what happened when I was a VISTA) but once you get to the end of that year and look back you'll realize you really did a TON of stuff.