3 - 4 months


During the 3rd and 4th months of DASCorps service differences and suppressed tensions begin to surface. VISTAs usually begin to second guess their organization's values and mission, get annoyed with their coworkers, and do not feel their opinions and ideas are being heard. If they can get past this stage, work will really get done.

Some typical VISTA behaviors and attitudes:
- Negativity
- Dissatisfaction
- Hostility
- Crisis Mode
- Adjustment anxiety

Some general tips for VISTAs during this time:
- Be a positive force; maintain a sense of humor - it truly is good medicine
- Accept and be open-minded - no one is perfect, and a closed-mind doesn't accomplish anything
- Know the issues before expressing your opinions, and then voice your thoughts clearly
- Think about your motivation - it's easy to cross the line to anger
- Write in a journal - its a good (and safer) place to vent
- Be aware of others' feelings, listen to others, and leave the personality clashes at home
- Think about and prepare for you future
- Commit to letting nothing ruin your year!

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