"Wait, they don't love you like I love you..."

Halloween in West Hollywood is analogous to a drag show, frat party and parade all rolled into one. The bacchanal carousing was quite a sight, and over stimulating to say the least. Wish I’d taken photos! At CCTPG, I’ve been making calls to California CBOs about the CTC map I’ve mentioned previously. Our mapping project takes advantage of Proposition 49, which increased state after-school funding to $550 million and allows all elementary and middle schools to offer after-school programs. But now that schools have the funding, many don’t have the capacity to start a program, so they are looking to partner with CBOs in their communities to be able to provide programs. To facilitate this partnering, CCTPG is compiling a list and an Internet-accessible (Google) map of potential partners to share with the schools. So I’ve been making phone calls and asking organizations’ permission to add them to the map. Yesterday I also got the chance to go a videoconference CCTPG cosponsored about the California Teleconnect Fund. It was cool because it brought policymakers and advocates together to dicusss ways to improve the CTF. You can view the videoconference and view and participate in a forum about the CTF.