maps, databases, holidays

Wow, it has been a while since I've blogged.  Things at The Children's Partnership and CCTPG are in a period of transition with staff joining and leaving, priorities changing and policy aims being refocused.  It's been hectic, but we're accomplishing a lot and creating several deliverables to fulfill funding requirements.

The good news is that the CTC map I described in my last post is finally posted.  As I'd described, the map was created as a resource to help schools locate organizations interested in being a potential partner with the schools to create after-school programs with Prop 49 funding.  Visit the map.

If your organization is located in California and is interested in being listed, just e-mail me.

I've also been helping to write and do research for a second broadband issue brief, helping to refocus the technology program for the next year, working on the bugs in CiviCRM and trying to do holiday shopping.