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The Children’s Partnership has been through major changes in the last two weeks.  As you may have heard, my supervisor, James Lau, has left TCP to accept an offer to take a position as the assistant executive director of the California League of Conservation Voters Ed Fund.  The environment has always been James’ passion, so it is a perfect fit for him.  Of course, it is a sad move for me because working with James has been great, but my coworker April is my new supervisor, and she’s fabulous, too. This week, April and I have working on several pressing projects with TCP and CCTPG.  I’ve been busy writing an issue brief on children with disabilities and broadband technology’s promise, as well as working on a new Techpolicybank update, a memo on digital copyright law and a few how-to manuals I’ll be able to leave to whomever takes over my responsibilities when I’m gone.  Which, for the record, I don’t want to think about.

Comment from danielle martin on January 12, 2007 - 6:29pm

Hey girl,

Can't believe you're almost done! Want to be a VISTA Leader ;) ? Who are the how-to manuals for and on what?


Comment from Jessica Rothschuh on January 12, 2007 - 7:51pm

I'd love to be a VISTA leader if I don't get into grad school!  The how-to manuals will primarily cover the use of the CivicSpace site for CCTPG's purposes and a guide on how to use Graphic Mail.  We've also discussed possibly adding another guide covering basic responsibilities I've had.