A General Lack of Natural Sunlight

Its Like Self-Esteem, Just More Invisible Trying to get into some of that Capacity Building stuff.  Working on some teacher tutorials on how to use things like the internet and word processing and a mouse.  Trying to figure out how to deceive the kids into thinking I have magic powers.  Lusting pretty hard for Apple Remote Desktop.  Anyone know any freeware alternatives to that?Also, is anyone in good with the Information Technology or Instructional Technology or Nerd Patrol or whatever they call it at Boston Public Schools?  I've found myself in the curious position of being the de facto computer lab guy at the school I work with and I just want to make sure Im not  a: screwing anything up b: making more work for myself c: overstepping my authority  That last part has been somewhat amorphous.  It seems that I get granted authority over things by taking responsibility for them.  It seems there is no higher power than making things up as I go along.  Excelsior, etc.