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Nine months since I took the digital storytelling class at PCM, I have finally finished my digital story!
One of the on-call media ed instructors, Peta Mni came up with the last component of my piece: the title. Yes, it was that hard to come up with one.

Comment from Edward Gonzales on June 26, 2009 - 7:08pm

That was really cool!

Portland Speaks: The genesis of the idea


website_home pageFrom July onward, I've spent much of my time at Portland Community Media working on a proposal for a project that would allow immigrants and Millennials to create media at low-cost anywhere and at anyti

Comment from Denise Cheng on November 3, 2008 - 6:50pm

I do want to say that I feel fairly disillusioned after the whole process. You know how they always warn that when the real world hits people lose their idealism? I'd put a twist on that and say I feel disillusioned because of how important credentials are to have creative oversight (the higher you climb, the more you can get) and how, even if you work to deserve a break, there's still that variable of unfairness as the real world standard. A vague comment, but there it is. As my friend put it, we have to make that choice between selfishness and selflessness, each with its own consequences.

A bit of crossposting on digital storytelling


Thought I'd share a more appropriate post that I wrote for the PCM blog a couple of days ago. This is probably what I should be submitting for my field reports...


Digital storytelling: The wonders never cease

10 Oct. 2008