My first week as a VISTA


Hello to all! I hope that you are all having fun as a VISTA and that your first week of work has been okay.

All is well here in Tennessee. I have been busy working and learning how to do my "job". So far, I have rewritten the "Volunteer Handbook" and "Volunteer Application" for the STAR Center. I have also been able to talk to several people who are interested in volunteering and have scheduled for them to come in for training. In the next week, I will be busy doing trainings, orientation, and tours of the STAR Center.

I have also been doing some research for a new adult literacy lab that will be opening (officially) at the end of October. I will need to find several volunteers to run this lab as well.

I don't know if any of you are interested in adult literacy resources, but if you are, I have found some cool websites: and The first one features several different links, one of which is a newspaper written specifically for new readers.