The Next Few Months at Egleston YMCA


I feel a little better about Egleston Y right now because I am just getting used to how things are run here, inefficiently. So, i am going to try my best not to accept it and to get things done; this is what i am doing:

Ordering the stolen equipment for the computer lab hopefully the YMCA insurance will help us. We are going to change the lock to the door of the lab and buy locks for the computer screens. I am working on securing the place as best as possible, since nobody bothered to do that before.

I am starting up my creative writing program and math program for the school year.

Planning a family science and technology event for next year. Timothy Smith is trying to find funding to plan events for all the Timothy Smith computer labs.

For building capacity:

I am trying to network with the 826 Boston non-profit. They're basically a writing center for young kids in the Egleston community. I want to build a connection with them and hopefully when I leave the Y they will be involved with them long term.

I am starting to record everything down that i do from passwords to curriculum in a binder for the next person to use.

I am trying to figure out how to train at least one employee from the afterschool program on how I run the computer lab and what i think works best, ect. Also, to get them familiar with the programs i am running, so when i am gone they will continue. I need to find someone to continue going to the timothy smith meetings and to file the annual reports.

Open access for the lab needs to get started, the only problem is there are not enough people to monitor the lab, it's just me.

Recruiting volunteers and work-study people from North Eastern University. I have an assistant now, that's handy. The volunteer comes in to help kids with one-on-one tutoring/homework.

What are other people doing for capacity building at their sites?

Comment from Jack Waugh on October 12, 2007 - 11:19am

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Comment from Kevin Palmer on October 15, 2007 - 10:25am

Awesome Leena! Building binders and documenting what you do is one of the best practices a VISTA can have since there is a good deal of 'reinventing the wheel' with high volunteer/employee turnover each year. Definitely need to give it up for the Northeastern service-learning program....Project HQ is working with them now too!