First post in the new website!

The new VISTA website looks phenomenal- much props to the creators.

Life at Project: Think Different has been going well.  Currently, I am working on a brand new media literacy series that we will be teaching to youth around Boston. It is co-created with our Media Watch Team- a part-time staff of teens (ages 16-19) that are working to become media literacy buffs! I am really excited about it; I think the work is extremely accessible for inner-city kids. We have a focus on hip-hop and movies and have really geared the curriculum towards the "cool factor". I sound like such an idiot saying that, but it's true.

Our pilot sites for the s0-called "Media Action Series" are: the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club, Write Boston (Teen-In-Print), and the Hip Hop Mecca Project. 

I will be the "adult" facilitator at our workshops. I put "adult" in quotes because, really, I am only a handful of years older than this amazing, dynamic teens.

I wonder if I should copy the text from my other blog and post it here? That might make more sense to have all my posts in one place. Not like I have that many- I have only posted 4 times. I am so lame. 

Comment from gariet cowin on September 20, 2006 - 3:21pm

I'd be really interested in taking a look at your curriculum. Is that something that you are able to share?

Comment from William Martin on October 10, 2006 - 10:51am

 It sounds like a fasinating project and I would be interested in seeing what you do with it. Is there anything that can be put online.

William B. Martin


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Mentor and Gateway Project

Comment from Colleen Kelly on October 18, 2006 - 4:14pm

i will put up what i have written about it!

i can probably share it with you personally, but not put it up here!

if you're interested, email me: colleen at projectthinkdifferent dot org