I heart my org

Half way through the VISTA experience and ready to start new projects for the remainder of the service year. In the education department, I will be working with youth on Tuesdays, creating stop-motion animation projects, and possibly digital stories, and integrating uploading projects online into the class. Thursdays will consist of working with a program called Girls Empowering Together. Media literacy and basic portable camera production skills will be taught. We will be working together creating a documentary about local women leaders.

In the Wealthy Theater I am working on a slam poetry night project that will be held once a month in the new micro-cinema. Titled "Flow", we are working on creating a space to voice the spoken word and also exhibit experimental video/music.

An opportunity has come up to go to New Orleans in late January to film the events of MLK day. My two best buddies are Americorps Volunteers in New Orleans and are working for relief organizations down there and are putting on some major events through Hands On New Orleans and Rebuilding Together New Orleans. I am borrowing a camera from my org to document the events, and bring it back to Michigan in hopes to spread the word of what is still happening down there. My superivisor rocks, and refuses to let me take time off for it.

I cannot believe it is half over.

Comment from Kevin Palmer on January 9, 2008 - 12:00pm

Wow. Sarah your work plan for the rest of the year is pretty great. Stop-motion animation with the students I worked with last year was probably the most fun and easiest (at least in terms of convincing them of doing it) media project. Are you running it off a curriculum or anything?

Also the New Orleans doc sounds amazing. That's an incredible opportunity and I definitely want to check that out when you get it all edited. And yes your supervisor rocks.