so what have you been up too


In October-November, AMI started, its fall media lab. This time around we’re not doing so much media as community leadership. We’re planning an art show this January. We’re taking in local youth art for said art show. The reason for all this, is a lot of the youth here(like most other small towns) complain about how there’s nothing to do. AMI will be bring in some people to talk the AMI students about community leadership. We’re working on organizing for the art show. Also I started working on an Appalshop video brochure.

November-December-January, now we have signed different tasks to the students(music,art,etc). We’ve started a myspace account and started promoting the show. Also we’ve started to collect art. I’m really pumped about this I hope there’s a good turn out

Comment from Kevin Palmer on January 9, 2008 - 12:11pm

Sounds like a great idea using the media lab to focus on community leadership. Especially integrating youth via myspace. A lot of non-profits have been trying to do that in the last year or so. Definitely interested in seeing how you're using it to create that community.

Good luck on the art show! Will there be pics of it on the AMI site or myspace page?

Comment from Stewart Blair on January 10, 2008 - 2:18pm

yes, we'll should have pics and video of the event and some the work.