A complete year

Everyone is writing their end of the year reports. For me it has been a rather challenging year. There are so many hurdles that you have to over come.

Professionally this year has been a wonderful opportunity. I have learned so much from my organization and the people that I work with. I'm surrounded by awesome people that have become great friends. I've got to do quiet a bit of networking and learning about how nonprofits operate or should operate. I've been introduced to the world of grant writing. I feel that I accomplished a great deal. We received a local grant that I've been working on since summer. I've planned public events (even though it was a complete flop) I learned the processes required for putting together a successful event. I worked with an after school program. And now I'm learning about running a fundraising campaign. And so much more....

Personally I've made a great deal of sacrifices. It has been a very hard year. Was the sacrifice worth this wonderful experience? I'm not sure I know the answer to that question. Early on I agree to complete another year as a Vista. Now that decision is haunting me. I'm not sure if I want to have to live this way for another year. We will see.