It's amazing how one day you can be questioning the worth of the work you are doing. And then the next day you realize that yes what I'm doing is important and worth the sacrifices. INMP has applied for a number of grants in the past year we have received several rejection letters making me question the sustainability of the program. Today I'm not sure why or how but I felt renewed. Last week we were notified by one of our state senators that INMP will be receiving one of the grants that we applied for. This is great!! I have had a renewal to my drive for this position. I want to see things grow and change. The idea of possibly redefining our goals and purposes will mean success. I'm sure everyone goes through this during the course of their year of service. Questioning the personal sacrifices you are making on a daily bases and thinking what benefit do I get out of this? Well I think the best thing for these times is to take a look around see what others are doing around you. Look at the people that you are serving do they appreciate your efforts? They may not know what steps you have taken but when you see the joy in their eyes when they learn something new or are having fun with a program you are running. That is what is important. So for anyone else who is having these thoughts just take a minute and step back and look at what is going on around you.