Looking ahead


Things in Cambridge are great. It's hard to face the reality that it's winding down soon. We are going to be shooting 3 more episodes of YVC, and then at the end of May we will wrap up production. NeighborMedia (the pilot round) will also finish up around that time, to leave time for the programmatic reflection/re-imagining/tweaking/re-development process. My goals for the next 2 months are as follows.

- To finish doing NeighborMedia outreach. We still need to hit a lot of neighborhoods. Our grand plan was to kill all the birds with one stone by presenting at the ACN (Assoc. of Cambridge Neighborhoods) meeting, but unfortunately the leader of that group fell ill and the next meeting is postponed indefinitely.
- To get the four citizen journalists who still have not produced any web video to put together some sort of multimedia package for the site. This could be just audio or a digital story, but text and photos alone don't count.
- To document, document, document.
- To gain some insight next weekend at the New Voices Grantee Meeting in Washington, D.C.

When I return from D.C. I will be meeting with the CCTV "steering committee" (that's made up of the 3 org. staff members with "director" in their title) to figure out a grand plan for moving ahead. Another specific action item we are trying to move forward with is getting promotional postcards made.

Anyone out there have decent design skills?