dim sum-- epic fail

My first two months here have been awesome. The commute is not as bad as I imagined it to be, it's become a routine and I am getting really used to it.

The A-VOYCE program is amazing, although my work plan stated that I would be working with web 2.0 tools, I have done this and that.

When I first came in the office was crazy, there were so many interns and youth all over the place. The internet was lagging... it was basically dial up. For the first couple of weeks I did not do much. I worked a lot with the youth. Our youth program does walking tours and they have a live radio show. So during the summer, some youth are training for the walking tours and others are training for the radio show. I got to know most of the youth and they're actually very fun and mature.

We've already had two events, the August Moon Festival and Films at the Gate. Films at the Gate was a huge success for our program.

Work wise, I have developed a myspace, facebook fan page, and facebook group for A-VOYCE. I recently got a black macbook, and I have learned to use photoshop and illustrator. I am kind of obsessed with my mac actually. I've been using photoshop to create.. I guess you could call them fliers for an energy efficient program that I have taken over. Basically, CITGO is willing to give us 20,000 lightbulbs to give to 1000 households in the Chinatown area and also Boston area. We have to run workshops to teach applicants about energy efficiency. I had to have all of the paperwork translated into Chinese, which a youth has done for me. The program would bring in a lot of money for the youth program and it will also be good for the environment. haha.

Another project I am currently working on is what I call the Boston Globe Project. Our executive director was contacted by Marty Baron, the editor at the Boston Globe, to have stories translated into Chinese and then podcasted on their website boston.com. What we would do is read the stories find the top stories for the week and then have a youth translate it into Chinese using our equipment.

The office life is interesting, lots of different personalities, and everyone is always so busy. There's always drama too with staff and A-VOYCE, always interesting and entertaining.

p.s. dim sum never happened and jin ho is gone.

Comment from Jules Goins on September 11, 2008 - 4:28pm


You tricked me with promises of dim sum stories. I am interested in those light bulbs you have. And the listserve could be a cool way to keep others up-to-date on the films and whatnot.

I guess the Internet sit is figured out? And can the kids lead the environment workshops, cause that would be interesting.