Ya win some, ya lose some

Well, it's been much too long. Jules and Ben, this one is dedicated to you.

Since I've last checked in, this is a list of what's happened to me:

I created a 156 page Kennett Family Cookbook compiling recipes and family photos from my great great grandfather all the way to my youngest cousin and have shipped it to 25 members of my family.
I published my soon-to-be world famous bagel recipe in said cookbook.
My boyfriend and I bought our first Christmas tree, it's, how do you say... perfect in every way and undeniably gorgeous?
I applied for my next year's job - hopefully another Americorps year (unfortunately the same stipend, but hey it's a really sweet job) teaching in Boston through the Boston Teacher Residency.
I went on a date with Jules and Belinda and we listened to a crazy lady who refused to admit she couldn't make this really complicated chocolate frosting recipe.
I joined two book clubs.

I missed my site's December Dinner fund raising gala on Saturday night because I had to rush home when I forgot one of my shoes and then locked my wallet and keys inside of the house. Everyone here has been working hard on it for a long time and I feel terribly.
I haven't applied for Mass Health Insurance yet.

I almost ran out of insulin a couple of weekends ago. I got some though.
I bought a wine rack. But I've already spent my alcohol budget this month so it will stay barren until January. Unless my aunts and uncles come through for Christmas...
Been to all of the monthly Lowell/Boston area meetings, but beyond my extensive bonding with our fearless leaders, haven't had the chance to kick it old school with the other area VISTAS...
I joined the local YMCA (where all signs are in Chinese and English, or sometimes just Chinese and I have to ask)! And also joined a program that started in November called 'Maintain, Don't Gain!'. But I may or may not have gained after all that chocolate pie at Thanksgiving, and though we're supposed to be 'tightening our belt' because of the economy, there's no way I'm not putting on sweatpants after Christmas pecan pie...
I had to take the GRE's. But I aced 'em.

I've also done a ton at work, of course, highlights which include:
Attended the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages in Orlando, FL.
Helped establish the Healthy Snacks Program
Drafted the Parent and Student Handbooks
Organized the Financial Aid program and presented to the room of financial aid recipients (over 120 families!) (and I was in the Chinese newspapers!!!)
Coordinated the bi-lingual registration process for the fall and spring.
Am currently staffing the licensing process for the school.
Am working on getting more art into the school - it's so plain!
Run the volunteer staff and Math/English teachers for the after school program as well as substitute teach.
and stuff

Hope all is well with everyone, have a wonderful holiday season and I hope YOU maintain, don't gain.
Actually, eat a lot. Food stamps are sweet but take it where you can get it.