Seasons Greetings!


Just a couple of more weeks to the New Years! Ever since I got back from Italy, I have felt more positive about my work with CAPAY. I was glad that the outreach I did for CAPAY’s youth leadership symposium churned out 130 plus attendees. I heard the event was very successful, with students and teachers wanting more support and resources from our org throughout the school year. Next I’m working with the high school students to send out surveys, e-mail blasts and to work on compiling all the database info to engage more youth into community projects.

The other main focus is the redevelopment of the Website/Media Site. It seems that now I have to start from scratch because the org wanted a former alumni of the org to freelance the project. This is one of the worse things to do because that alumni has another full-time job. Though I am way past the professional development phase of my service, I feel like I have to learn to build this site from scratch. My supervisor has suggested that if I am going to learn a program or software from scratch, then I should consider Dreamweaver, but I have done research on Drupal. I just need to master a program to build a site and have it easily manageable for new staff. I have like a 7-8 month period to produce a site for my org. Any suggestions for my best options?

And with my Dorchester Youth Initiative program, I am finally closer to getting the space at the VIET-AID community development center approved. We will begin running a couple of workshops in January and February. In March, the 10 wk program will begin. I have supporting staff, 3 UMASS college students from the Dorchester neighborhood, who are helping me plan community youth and adult programs, and developing the workshop series. I’m really excited about this project because I get to work with the Vietnamese American community. One of the first things we will be doing is a youth and an adult forum to encourage discussion that will help us assess and create a relevant program for youth (with the support of parents.)

Okay, that’s all folks! Until 2009!