I am currently helping out a member who is making a video for his church group. I taught him how to do everything but he keeps taping in 16:9 and putting it onto a 4:3 dvd. So It is like a widescreen trying to fit in regular screen so everything looks zoomed in. The problem I was having was where he keeps changing the settings, he either does it in the camera, final cut, or i dvd. idk, but it took a day of making dvd's to figure it out. And currently the is another member working on her project, I don't know what she is doing but i keep hearing mr. roboto by styx coming out of her headphones. Last week I was helping another member who a few years ago went to peru. He filmed it all in LP. so i had to help him figure out how to capture it. We just took it straight from mini-dv to dvd. it took him three years to do it, and i figured out the problem in half an hour, that is because some of the other employees here didn't stop to figure out what needs to be done to help this man. he was very gratefull. But even though he was a member no one had figured out what needed to be done. Anyways, wattsup VISTAS!! My work life couldn't be better, I really feel part of this community. recently I've gotten myself into this videogame playing rut. Cuz I started a show of my own here at ltc called"players Point" its video mixing while playing video games, real trippy, and the colors come out good when i capture straight from the 360. Its fun when i get to spend some of every saturday playing on a huge screen. The only thing is I just wish there were some young beautiful women who were into digital media, we don't get alot of those. oh and thats Gloria. shes cool.

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