Since my last post, we gave a PowerPoint presentation to the representatives from Microsoft foundation. The presentation went well, I had Lou August, the Wilderness technology representative, myself and two other members of Wildtech/CCNV relay information on the workings of our organization. The Word and Excel classes have been suspended until January 19. 2009, but also during this time we have set aside time to give the staff of CCNV necessary office training skills.
I also purchased training books with the funds we raised thru the introductory classes; these books were purchased from Axzo press at These books come in student and instructor’s editions, I purchased the instructors edition which come with software called CertBlaster. I installed the CertBlaster software on all twelve Media Center computers, this program is used to give pre and post assessments of individuals. The assessments are at this time on Word and Excel; in the future I plan to install other of the company’s evaluating programs. The company has a ILT series which deals with Microsoft Office, a CRISP series that deals with Sales, Customer Service, Management and Leadership, Project Management, OSHA, Retailing, Human Resources, Communication, Change Management and more. In addition, they also carry ComTIA press titles that I have interest for future training programs.
Finally, I have been in constant contact with an instructor from the Prince George Community College who is willing to train me and others to be instructors in A+ and Cisco certifications.