So that I will stop getting those annoying emails...

Second day back after the holidays, and already so much to do! Since Laura and I are staying on for at least a partial year, we were asked to write up a list of projects we would like to work on. I'm posting the list (there are some CTC VISTA related items on here), any feedback is of course welcomed!

Americorps VISTA Digital Storytelling Project (Laura & Carrie)

Pursue digital storytelling collaboration with CTC VISTA, facilitating workshops for current VISTAs (and potentially alums) in particular geographical areas (specifically Bay Area & East Coast/Boston to start). CTC VISTA Project can use stories on the web for recruitment and/or we can create a DVD for them to use for general outreach.

From CDS: Access to lab for Bay Area workshop, potential plane tickets to Boston (can pursue sponsorship from CTC, Laura will already be in Boston for a weekend late March)

Timeline: Bay Area workshop in mid-February, Boston workshop in early/late March (depending on their schedules).

Digital Storytelling Podcast (Laura lead, Carrie assist)

Monthly podcast on what’s going on in digital storytelling – interviews with community partners, participants, and/or facilitators as well as audio from stories. Not sure if it’s best to host this through CDS, International Day, or Stories for Change. Extensive collaboration between the podcast content and content from the BCM show is possible, but unique content would be developed for each.

From CDS: Story suggestions and staff cooperation.

Timeline: First podcast in early February!

CDS Berkeley Community Media Show (Carrie lead, Laura assist)

Monthly television show to air on BCM channels. Similar to Podcast, but with stronger emphasis on broadcast of digital stories. Will promote CDS events/workshops, themes of Stories for Change site, etc.

From CDS: Story suggestions and staff cooperation.

Timeline: First show in early February!

Other Community-Based Workshops (Carrie & Laura)

Develop projects and community partnerships that CDS wants to pursue but doesn’t have the staff resources to support. Potentially thematic. Possible to do something politically hot (marriage equality) or supporting the International Day (immigration-themed workshops). Also possible to create a larger project in connection with the Americorps digital storytelling project around issues of youth/young adult activism and civic engagement. Potential partner organizations to approach: Girls for a Change, Young People For, San Francisco Urban Service Learning Project, etc.

From CDS: Access to lab

Timeline: March/April and beyond (after Americorps workshop series)

Online Community Outreach (Laura & Carrie)

Manage CDS' presence in new media platforms -- Twitter, Facebook,, potential public blog (or regularly contributing to the International Day blog), etc.

From CDS: Permission

Timeline: Can start immediately

Local Community Outreach (Laura & Carrie)

Attend and represent CDS at local gatherings and meetings of non-profit media orgs (BAVC, Media Alliance, NAMAC), Community Technology Meet-Ups, etc.

From CDS: Flexible scheduling

Timeline: Can start immediately