Hap...py New Year..Can We Even Make Any Resolutions?

Happy New Year !
Well first things first. Christmas was great! It was a little scary there at first. We actually had no gifts to give to the kids because of the economy thing. Porter Guad usually gives us gifts for the kids at the PINK HOUSE but this year they didn't think they would be able to give our kids anything. I searched everywhere. I wrote request to many different organizations, Everyone turned us down. I was beginning to think that the economy had really done us in as far as there being any Christmas presents at the PINK HOUSE but then Santa came to town. My first resolution is I do believe in Santa. I do..I do. I..do.

Ho-Ho-Ho. Our parents really came through in a big way as well. We had a slammin Christmas party. The food was great. The teen leader at the PINK HOUSE wrote and directed their own Christmas play. The kids all were apart of the program. The parents love it, the staff loved it and the kids had a blast.Well guys here comes resolution number 2. Parent involvement is the backbone of any good program. So keep trying to get more parents involved with the community programs in their community. And before you know it Christmas was over and the New Year has rolled in.

We actually won't open until January 26, 2009. The economy has really been a boomer. It has touched a number of agencies in the Charleston area and it has reared it ugly head for us as well. It only motivates me to be more creative with finding services for our kids. So I have been working on a proposal to send out to the local businesses in the community. I know everyone is feeling the pinch but maybe we will be able to get some kind of in-kind or financial response from the proposal.

Our kids had a Health Rocks presentation to do at the local Boys and Girls Club in the City of Charleston just before Thanksgiving. The Boys and Girls Club program closed the day before we got there due to financial difficulties. I heard that the City of Charleston is trying to help get that program running again but wow it's rough out here! The kids will be doing a Health Rocks presentation at Mary Ford Elementary School for 100 kids. It going to be great! I transport them as well as advise them, but they really don't need my help they are great. The presenter are 5th through 8th graders and they present to kids from the ages of
Well wish me luck with the proposal.
Renae Out