Too many people out of work

Happy New Year everyone,
I am still working on the Ticket to Work Program. Now I am learning marketing and working to develop liaisons with other national, state, and local organizations and clinical networks interested in improving job access, reducing disability prejudice, and developing competent ways for underserved people and communities to find employment.
It’s been a challenge for me trying to juggle all the new responsibilities I have acquired. But that is where teamwork comes in to play. It’s important to know that your colleges are there. I have learned to ask for help when need it and not try to do it all myself.
Did you know that all your answers about social security are right there on the social security website This is one of the best resources I have found. There are links to disability world too.
I look forward to the getting more and more people into the job market. And when people discover themselves wow I love that. It’s very rewarding for me to be able to motivate people and help them get around their disabilities and turn them into ability.