New Year

Alas, the robots got me again.

Things slowed down a bit for the winter break. We got a week off which was really nice. It was my first legit vacation in a long time and I used the time to chill with family, eat a bunch, and get some rest. The break was a good point to reflect on the last six months and think about all the work that we've done and what I've learned. I've also did a lot of thinking about what's to come in the next six months and where I want to be at the end of service.

Josh and I did a six month check it to evaluate how I was doing and how we were doing over all. Most all of the feedback was positive and constructive and it was a good way for us to talk about the projects that will be coming up in the next few months.

The most immediate project is to help public education around the Digital Television Transition. It's becoming really clear as the transition date comes closer that the government poorly planned the transition. Even President Elect Obama has suggested that the timeline for the transition be revised to allow more public education around the issue.

DEI has been working on the transition from the beginning and have made the transition a priority in the first six months of this year. We currently have some useful tools on site and will be putting up videos soon on the the transition.

As far as more immediate projects, we've wrapped up our video, "Internet is Serious Business" and will be looking to do some screenings here in New York. We're using the video as a tool to introduce people to how the Internet works and the policy issues that are related to access to the Internet. After the screenings we hold brief discussion where people can ask questions about the topics in the movie. You can check out parts of the movie here:

Till next month.