a story begins in the middle of a journey.

this is my first field report. i hate that i have not been involved our engaged this conversation for the last six months but i look forward to the opportunity to be engaged in this conversation for the continuation of my vista service. i look forward to reading about everyone's journey. there's a lot to catch up on related to my service. i'll give you the short and sweet version first to create some context for future reports.

what's familiar? who am i being?

open media project. i'm the project manager for the beta test implementation of the open media project tool set. the open media project is an iniative to create a tool set based on open source technologies that allow peg stations and ctcs work a nationwide, user-driven network.

colorado youth at risk. i'm a mentor with colorado youth at risk. colorado youth at risk is an intensive high school drop out prevention program. the program provides mentee with an interested adult and a sense of their place in the future.

vlogtv. i'm the co-host of live, call-in show on denver open media. vlogtv is all about viewers requesting their favorite online videos. there's only one rule, we don't show copy written material.

landmark education. i'm currently participating in a landmark seminar after completing the landmark forum. landmark education is training and development center that provides individuals access to effective action in everyday matters.

what's happening? what's challenges am i facing?

life as a vista. vista life is no longer glamorous. when i first became a vista, i loved gloating to people about my altruistic service asan americorps volunteer. those days are over. now, when i tell people i'm an americorps vista there's a part of me that wants to ask for spare change at the same time. my savings are exhausted. i'm operating without a budget.

personal integrity. my participation with landmark education has shown me that i have lacked personal integrity in the past. it has also shown me that i don't need to continue to carry that lack of integrity into the present and furture. i see that at every moment i have the opportunity to completed transform and become a personal of complete integrity. you'll be hearing about this a lot more, trust me.

understanding before being understood. my vista service has given me the opportunity to see that in order to interact effectively with others, i must first understand others. i still fight to be understood in a world i want to understand.

what's possible? what am i committed to?

i am committed to:

  • continued sharing via field reports.
  • creating the world i want to live in.
  • enjoying life as a non-smoker.
  • creating and maintaining a budget.

resources. what do i have to share?

i didn't being this report ready to provide resources. i am committed to sharing resources in future reports.

Comment from Denise Cheng on January 28, 2009 - 8:41pm

very honest and personal. i especially like your statement about "understanding before being understood." and cheers to smoke-free lungs! :)