Field Report

I have been working on putting the MicroMentor Marketing Plan into action. And, as part of the new year requested more clear definition of my role at MicroMentor. We listed our program at the inauguration site and the MLK site in relation to the president’s Day of Service. And in February we’ll be conducting a couple of marketing campaigns related to Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week. I’m in the process of creating a Facebook page and building out our Linkedin group.

Gathering and recognizing marketing opportunities and identifying resources to act on them have been problematic in the past. So, on the capacity building front, I am organizing our marketing efforts into projects and have just installed the project management tool DreamTeam (plus a Google adwords and Calendar Timeline tools) in order to get our tools under one roof in Saleforce. Nonprofits can get up to ten copies of DreamTeam for free. (Kudos to Matt’s org which shares information about nonprofit tools, I used his site to research project management tools. DreamTeam doesn’t exactly advertise the 10 free licenses – so without SSC I probably wouldn’t have considered it.) Would appreciate advice, if anyone is a current DreamTeam user. Thanks.

Hopefully the organization will want to use project management tools and methods for other projects (aside from marketing); and after I leave they’ll have project management tools/methods in place for the future. (But I have not convinced anyone – yet – to embrace Gantt charts. I love them and will keep pushing :) I’m leading a weekly marketing meeting to report on projects/campaigns as well as our latest analytics and to get input from everyone about marketing opportunities.

Will, I know how you feel RE: travel in Washington state. My children were stuck in Bellingham for the holidays, no cars moving safely and not even Amtrak was running. We finally got to celebrate Christmas with them last week, which was great. Except now I really have no good excuse for not taking down the Christmas tree. I hope everyone is off to a good start in the new year.

Comment from Denise Cheng on February 20, 2009 - 4:39pm

to remind you of the beauty of the holidays!! :P well if it was a live tree, i hope you definitely took that down.
btw, we need to have a pdx reunion soon.