Well finishing up with the 100 second film festival is relieving, i found that all I wanted to do is just get it over with towards the end. I am currrently working with numerous non- profits and schools, setting up little feild production groups. I'd say in all we have got about five diff. groups of at least 4 students, and its working out great. On february 10th we have got an event called artbeat, which is a hip hop show, for teens i guesss, about every other tuesday of the month. Mira is also working on that, it is going to be at the 119.
But nonethe less working in these groups have been a good experience on myself and on ltc, lately ltc has been a little hectic and when theres a big group of kids it kinda gets everyone moving and talking.
Still trying to adjust with the whole vista thing, I get fr4ustrated sometimes but then i remember its only till July.
You should check out it's is a real dish.
Pretty soon the winterfest is coming, and let me tell you that it is freezing. but fun, just carry around a couple nips in your back pocket. not on the job of course, and you'll be all set. Talk to you soon.
T.E. Konieczny