Green Project

Hello everyone,
I hope every thing are going well. For this report I have some the same entries as before, with a new twist. We started the new nine week training classes, Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. I started teaching the Word class February 4, 2009, since I could find no one else and I do have Microsoft Certification in Word. At this time, I have two students but I am hoping for more this week since we are getting over the past inauguration week. The Microsoft Excel class fared much better, that class had nine new students (great!).
Another project started, the twist, I have been in negotiation with Lisa McQuail of Technologist inc. and Father Jean Claude Atusameso of the Jatukik Foundation in an effort to get the Community for Creative Non-Violence's old Arts and Education building renovated.
Lisa, myself, and Father Jean Claude meet every Wednesday at 3:00 pm. Since our last meeting, I have taken pictures of the interior and exterior of the building and e-mailed them to Lisa. She in turn has given the photo to Peter Wehmann the Business Development Manager and Bob Arguero a Senior Engineer and Director of Business at Technologists inc. This was done so they would have an idea of the size and the condition of the space. Bob Arguero has worked with renewable energy and energy-efficient building materials with the US Department of Energy. The idea is to turn the building into a model “Green Project.”
I have emailed Tommy Wells of the city council and Congresswoman Elenor Holmes Norton in an effort to make them aware of this "Green Project."
Finally, we have set up a meeting for March 25, for city council member Tommy Wells, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton and other important city officials, to discuss if there is a possibility of them being a part of the project. I am also attaching a front and rear view of the building.

Front-view-2.gif174.43 KB
Rear-view-2.gif264.69 KB