The Time is Just Flying By

We are working feverishly on our fundraiser for the continuation of the programs for the Ardmore/Sherwood Forest community. PINK HOUSE kids have joined us and they have decided that they will not go down without a fight. We are presently working on our raffle. We will be raffling off grocery, a gas card and gift card worth twenty-five dollars. The prizes came as a donations from one of the local small business. They promised two-hundred dollars. The kids will be making the pictures for the raffle tickets and the tickets for the dinner.

We will also collaborate with a group called Carolina Studios. The programs combines computers with producing and making rap music . The PINK HOUSE kids presented Health Rocks to the students who attend the studio and now these kids want to start there own 4H club and join in on spreading the message that it's not cool for kids to smoke, or drink alcohol or do drugs. They were very impressed by our team (who by the way are younger than them.) The PINK HOUSE kids will be going to the studio to lay down some tracks as they say in the music business.

Well the dinner is suppose to be March 21, 2009 but we still don't have a location to have the dinner yet. We have almost completed choosing programs for the summer. I think we should carry on in a positive mode like we have the money already and be prepared for when God throws in the funds we need.
I would like for everything to be set before the summer comes in. I would also like to have the fall programming set as well. Well that's all for now.