Hey there good looking people of the Americorps world,

It's been awhile as I have been busier than ever. ZUMIX started construction on a firehouse that should be completed in the next 8 months or so. This means ZUMIX will be moving into a bigger and more state-of-the-art facility. Unfortunately, I will not be serving anymore by the time this transition takes place. While it saddens me that I will not be a part of the new ZUMIX, I also feel lucky to be a part of ZUMIX just the way it is now. Expansion can only mean kids getting less individual attention in group programs, more of a disconnect among the administration that does not work in the same "department" and an increasing sense of bureaucracy that is essential to maintain organization but unfortunately also creates more of a disconnect between staff and participants.

In lieu of this future move, I have been asked to take on a large new project involving a survey of ZUMIX participants pertaining to the type of communication they use most frequently. With this, we are hoping to rally kids for events with less stress and better turnout. Especially considering the larger space we are about to have, we don't want kids to not hear about events going on ZUMIX-related or not. There's no reason for them not to know! I have attached the survey and would love some feedback! My first experiment is with myspace which you can also feel free to give me feedback for.

Part of my duties here are maintaining the youtube which I just updated with a performance from a guest artist named Mr. Napkins we had here last week. He is a comedian/hip hop artist and did a rhyme-writing workshop with everyone. SUPER FUN! Check it out!!

communication survey.doc29.5 KB