Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Trucks


The days of ArcGIS are over. I found out when I realized the computer labs at UC Irvine didn’t have the program, instead, they had Google Earth. Now, I have endlessly been working on updating our database of contacts the past couple of months, however, there really hasn’t been an end goal that has motivated to get that job done. But in the month of February, I have found that end goal: mapping out our constituents/network.

In a more serious note, some are still questioning how the U.S. should use $8 billion from the Stimulus Plan to expand broadband to low income and rural communities; listen to NPR Story. So in order to answer some of those queries, I will be working on a new podcast series titled Why Broadband? With this series I hope to cover how community based organizations or community technology centers use technology for the betterment of their community (i.e. economic development, community building, human development).

I will start looking for housing after my lease ends. My lease ends in June and since the program ends in mid July, I have to find a place where I can stay for about two weeks. I am not too worried because my church is awesome! I actually stopped using my foodstamps, partly because my five church brothers/roommates have been sharing their food with me.

I will begin job searching this week. Reapplying to CTC VISTA at a different site in L.A./Orange County is still an option I am currently considering.

So I restarted using Twitter to try to accumulate California state tech news information. But in reality, I restarted after I read an article in the L.A. Time about a Twitter Cult that followed Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Trucks all around L.A.

One last thing, I still haven’t registered for NTEN Conference, but I hope to do so soon. I will keep you updated.