No water but a lot of capacity

Whew! This has been a busy month! Here's the rundown:
-applying to a couple of pretty big grants that will help secure the continuation and development of literacy projects with incarcerated communities in eastern kentucky
-I have an intern, Emily, who is awesome and has been working really hard. I've been supervising her and helping her get acquainted with our work
-we've switched our database from a desktop-based File Maker Pro to the online Salesforce, from which we can do more advocacy directly from the database. i've been doing a lot of research about the database, trying to learn how to best use it, and transferring our contacts (huge job!)
-we're using a new project management tool, basecamp to help us get organized. i've been keeping our projects updated on that.
-i'm working with Appalshop's IT guy to help us develop a community web forum that's connect to our site. it's not launched quite yet, but it will be a space for individuals to share their stories and engage in dialogue with us. it's been fun to sort of be managing the design end and figuring out what we need it to be able to do
-we've put our film, Up the Ridge, up on Amazon. I had to take care of all of that paperwork.
-I'm on a strategic planning team for the development of capacity at Appalshop. I'll be headed to DC in april to do a planning session with our group and some consultants, so there's been a lot of planning on this end to get ready for that.

AND we don't have water again. Another oil spill in our city water supply. Accountability at its finest.