Not Dead Yet vol 3: The Quickening

Links (Filled with Words) of Wisdom:

What Employers Want to See on Your Resume

Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

General Social Media and Job Hunting Advice: Collective Conversation: Kaye Monty

How to Blog
What Makes for a Good Blog?

The Essence:
Find your obsession
Every day, explain it to one person you respect
Edit everything, skip shortcuts and try not to be a dick.
Get better.

Just Words of Wisdom (from Scott McCloud):
Types of Vision:
Vision based on what one can not see (unseen and unknowable)
Vision based on what has been proven (or has been seen)
Vision based on what can be, what may be based on knowledge (but is not yet proven)

The Guidelines:
Learn from everyone
Follow no one
Watch for patterns
Work like hell

The Update:
Me?: Not Dead Yet
The Work?: Finding speakers for webinars; creating webinar survey to fine-tune for rest of year and beyond; VISTA recruitment for next year
Anything New?: Knee hurts (old man); Icy sidewalks try to kill me everyday; Ate king cake for Mardi Gras
Challenges?: Knee; sidewalks

Rathole of the Month: Presentations
Here are some of the links I have been reading to get a better feel for presentations

Presentation Zen
Really Bad Powerpoint
Beyond Bullet Points Online:

Presentation I Like: Think Outside the Box by Nick Jehlen

Books informing Presentation Design:
Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams
Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual

Also: Kinetic typography
Example: The Girl Effect

Comment from Denise Cheng on March 3, 2009 - 4:55pm

I've heard a lot of good things about the Presentation Zen book.