on recruiting both volunteers and students especially considering we had such a small turnout for our last student training (we hold them monthly). I’m actually just about to get a big help with recruitment in an unusual form: the weather. As the weather warms up, events pop up as well. I can attend barbeques, community events, movies, fireworks, festivals, farmers’ markets, etc. in hopes of recruiting a few students and/or volunteers. This makes my job much easier since I’ve been struggling trying to find new ways to recruit in the dead of winter when there are rarely any events happening.

On a more personal note, I’ve looked back and realized how much I’ve learned. I’ve become pretty familiar with Dreamweaver and Fireworks along with dabbling in Flash, Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop. These are areas that could never hurt to know. More importantly, looking towards the future I’ve realized I’m going to be quite sad to leave Computers4Kids. I’d like to continue to contribute even after AmeriCorps but since I don’t expect to stay in the same town, I’m not sure I’ll be able to.

In just about a month and a half I’ll be heading out to catch some sun in San Fran. I’m so excited to be headed to NTEN for the conference itself, the weather, the city, and the chance to see other VISTAs. It will be a much appreciated opportunity.