CompTia Training

Hello everyone,
I hope everything is going well. The nine week classes, Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, and Excel are in the sixth week. We have had a run of good weather lately so attendance has gone down, hopefully it will pick up today because the weather is bad . The Green project is still going well, we had an individual, Ty Voyles from Dc Greenworks, come in and he offered to survey the roof in preparation for a Green project. I just receive a ladder so we can get on the roof, I sent him an email notification and awaiting his reply.
Something new, Lou August, my supervisor, had Amy Alexander from Comptia Educational Foundation to stop by and check out our facility. She was rather impressed; she emailed me release forms for the first group of perspective trainees. My goal is to get the individuals that are active in Wildtech certified first, and then we can find other suitable candidates who will be dedicated to completing the training. This is an online training course where each individual will have their own login and password. I talked with Amy a bit more and found that if necessary they will provide professional tutors to those in need. I thought that this would be great addition for the resident here at the shelter.