Thu Mar 12 17:43:30 UTC 2009

Followup from Prior Report

Timekeeping Tool

In my prior report, I mentioned that the personnel in my org were already tracking
their hours on the public server hosted by the developer of the tool, Clocking IT.
I said I was engaged in setting up an instance hosted under my org's control.
I have accomplished that.

Browser CMS

In my prior report, I mentioned having attended a talk by BrowserMedia personnel where they described their CMS, BrowserCMS. They said they would come out
with a beta version based on Rails and as free and open source. My latest
information is that that release schedule has taken a delay.

Contact with Volunteers

"I spent a few hours explaining things to a new volunteer who may become proficient in Rails", I claimed in my previous report. However, that volunteer did not work out.

Interesting Resource

For those who think they might want to look into Rails at all, there was a conference, that looks pretty good, and the cool thing is that the presentations were video recorded and are published free on the Web. The conference has the humrous name "acts_as_conference". Rails programmers are familiar with such macro calls used in class definitions, as for example, "acts_as_list", or "acts_as_tree". The video recording technique presents very clearly the slides the speakers used. A smaller "talking heads" image accompanies the slides. I think this makes a very good format. There would hardly seem to be any reason to attend a conference in person anymore, unless you intend to participate. One of the speakers exhorts the audience, since the conference is called "acts_as_conference", to, indeed, act like they're at a conference :-) . See .

Other Activities

Let's see what my timesheet says I have been doing. This includes
the full day of my previous report up through now. Consequently, if I keep doing it this way, some time could be over-reported at the boundaries.

#140 CCTS - Catch-all
CCTS / Admin/Organization / 2:47
#87 General Correspondence
CCTS / Admin/Organization / 0:05
#115 Negotiate with Volunteers
CCTS / Admin/Organization / 10:07
#157 CCTS - Discuss Business Development
CCTS / Business Development / 0:20
#116 CCTS - Meetings about Business Plan
CCTS / Business plan / 0:40
#57 CCTS - Jack's Vista Eval
CCTS / HR / 1:49
#67 Filing Field Reports with CTC VISTA
CCTS / HR / 0:50
#102 Evaluate alternative CMS
CCTS / Long-range Software Engineering / 6:09
#68 CCTS - Maintain File Server
CCTS / Maintain Infrastructure and Institutional Memory / Jack_short_list / Unbillable 21:43
#172 Support Microsoft Workstations
CCTS / Maintain Infrastructure and Institutional Memory / 1:28
#106 "Goodbye" Letters
CCTS / Past client support / 1:06
#94 ALL - Application Stability
CCTS / Past client support / 1:15
#83 Create Application that Monitors All Client Servers from DreamHost
CCTS / Past client support / App_stability 1:00
#186 Construct and maintain sandbox
CCTS / Penn Station / Jack_short_list 28:25
#158 Interim edit of old CCTS web site
CCTS / Redesign CCTS Website / Jack_short_list 25:33
#100 CCTS - Meetings on More Than One Subject
CCTS / Staff Meetings / 1:00
#69 Teach [failed volunteer] about Rails
CCTS / Teaching each other / 7:39
#71 CCTS - Learn How to Log Time
CCTS / Time Tracking / 2:12
#1 Choose and deploy a timekeeping tool
CCTS / Time Tracking / 30:00
#70 Copy [just my] Time Tracking Data from Another Tool
CCTS / Time Tracking / 5:05
#82 Develop and document hardware/software recommendations for Everyman Theater
Everyman Theater / Create Hardware Upgrade Plan / 10:38
#111 Review, proof, or supervise work related to Everyman Theater
Everyman Theater / Create Hardware Upgrade Plan / 2:35
#193 Search for offsite storage services with drive mapping
Everyman Theater / Create Hardware Upgrade Plan / 11:13
#221 L@TCH Database
L@TCH / L@TCH Pilot / [massage database design for tracking info about "Let's All Take Computers Home" program, which helps school children whose families can't afford home computers] 6:19
#195 Prepare handout material for training session
L@TCH / L@TCH Pilot / 0:30
#141 Misc defects Md. Commons
Maryland New Media / Defects / 3:21
#139 Send SliceHost Hosting Information to Neil
Maryland New Media / Towson's Center for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / 0:50 0:50
#137 Draft User Stories for Poll Feature for Weinberg
Schaefer Center / Weinberg Fellows / 0:46
#134 Find discussion forum / list serve software
Schaefer Center / Weinberg Fellows / 3:13
#135 Install forum software in Weinberg Web Site
Schaefer Center / Weinberg Fellows / [task determined invalid] 7:38
#127 Schaefer - Administration and supervision related to work for Weinberg Fellows
Schaefer Center / Weinberg Fellows / 1:30

Total 197:57