Twitterverse, Tweet, Twa, Two!


There’s been a lot of Twitter activity on this side of town. I have found that I can use Twitter as a news feed. To tell you the truth, I think the future of news gathering will come from localized informants (that may or may "Tweet") such as the #LongBeachWater. In Twitter I follow organizations that may provide me with instant news articles or information on issues ranging from telecommunications policy to educational technology. I hope that more organizations from the L.A. metropolitan area can set up a Twitter and post news of their neighborhoods and communities. But assuming that organizations are at least connected to the web, they must understand if Twitter is right for them.

I think Twitter is right for the CCTPG. My current plan is to have as many of our organization partners on Twitter that we may be able to report in real time on the events that are occurring in their neighborhoods.

A plan for the month of May is to develop workshops for staff on Web 2.0 tools (i.e. Yammer) that may be useful for them. So what would be the difference between simply setting up a free Web 2.0 webinar and my proposed workshops? I understand some of the specific needs of my current organization.

Also, I don’t know if you remember, but a couple of entries ago I mentioned how our organization was working on a Wired for Wireless Report that surveyed municipal led wireless networks. Personally, I haven’t done much of the work on this report, only edited some things here and there, but overall it looks grrrreeeaat! I hope to bring some copies to the Non-profit Technology Conference (aka the NTEN Conference) to distribute. So look and ask me for a copy.

Currently housing for post first year of CTC VISTA is a question mark. Part of the decision depends on my future work site. I will keep you posted.

Hope all had an enjoyable Easter!