Hello VISTAs,
How goes? Things are good here. Our office is moving from Bothell, WA to Lynnwood, WA. As you can see, it’s not terribly far away: https://www.psctlt.org/About_PSCTLT/maps_directions.html. It most certainly will affect my commute, although from what I’ve gathered it’ll still be fairly easy to get to the bike path from Lynnwood. Work is going well. There are TWO computer distributions scheduled for next week and I’m in the process of updating some slides in a powerpoint and gathering some information about ISPs and CTCs in the areas where we’re distributing. After these two distributions it looks like there will only be 4 more to go! Pretty exciting.
I also had another chance to go to Olympia to talk about broadband and put my support behind a couple of bills in the legislature now: HB 1698 regarding broadband adoption and deployment, and SB 5916 authorizing the department of information services to engage in high-speed internet adoption, deployment, and digital inclusion activities. It was just as cool the second time and it has definitely made me follow the news around the broadband stimulus much more closely.
Expect more details about distributions and moving in the next field report. Until then...