End of Service Report

Hello everyone, I imagine this is will be the final post. Well basically I have been doing about the same; meeting with the green project members, getting someone to take over the classes in word, and Linux. The green project meetings continue we have found an interior designer and a professional artist willing to give us a hand, the artist is willing to stay on and teach art. In addition, there are other members of the Obama campaign that are willing to write grants to enable us to get the electric up to code, plumbing repairs, new instructors, books and programs. I also got individuals to come by to inspect the Arts and Education building. The report was favorable; they said the roof has sound beams and the wood used for beam looked almost new. I talked with my supervisor and we decided to get a summer youth work program started here at the shelter. We have 5 district students to come into our program, most have computer skills so they can work on setting up the Wildtech data base and other technical aspects. There are two students that are sixteen years of age with some construction experience, so we decided to let them work on scraping the walls in the Arts and Education building.