Mon Jul 6 15:01:58 EDT 2009


Since my previous field report, I have:

  • participated in a discussion of how the CCTS (the org I'm serving)
    should develop its "business" in the future.
  • helped the hiring process by placing ads and by participating in
    the interview of a candidate;
  • studied some existing, alternative, Content Management Systems
    (CMS) not invented at CCTS, as candidate replacements for the CMS
    that was invented at CCTS;
  • demonstrated a pattern for adding automated tests for the CCTS
    CMS, documenting the tests, and at the same time, documenting the
  • investigated somewhat into how we might be able to achieve
    a cleaner separation between
    the core CMS and the customizations of it to the needs of specific
  • maintained a file server (made backups, etc.) for the office files
  • maintained an environment for our software development
    (using the Ubuntu distribution);
  • supported workstations running one of Microsoft's operating systems
  • helped move the office;
  • constructed a "sandbox" installation of the CCTS CMS for
    demonstrating its ease of use;
  • contributed time to the maintenance of the CMS;
  • participated in an interim edit of the old, static, CCTS web site
  • taught other personnel about programming techniques and principles
    (e. g., finite-state machines).

Please keep in mind that since the purpose of the CCTS is to build the
capacity of other organizations, anything I do that helps CCTS,
contributes to capacity building in the social-profit sector.