Still going strong

Though for most, this is the end of the VISTA term, I'm sticking around through at least February, which I'm excited about. Lots more work ahead. No time to be heading out. Things have been so busy that it's hard to remember exactly what this month has brought. I've done a lot of work with our summer intern, getting him trained and working hard. But also really digging deep into the thinking about planning about how we use volunteers, outreach and market to them, and how we help communities meet their goals. We're experimenting with flipcams as a tool that communities can use to document their stories and I've been working on developing language around the outreach for them. I've also been developing our archive of artistic work to make it accessible and usable for us and our constituents. As we think about moving forward into a new stage of our website, it's important to have a clean and useful database of artistic content.

This next month I'm headed out to Eureka, CA for a professional development residency in community theater. I'm really hoping I'll be able to bring back some ideas and plans for how to strategize theatrical work in our web-based project.