Thousand Kites: Report 1

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This is my first field report. Last week was my first normal full week of work at my organization, Thousand Kites. My first couple weeks of service involved me learning about my organization and its previous work while my coworkers were away on business or vacation. After that, I traveled to a week-long conference called “Alternate ROOTS” for artists and activists in the South. The conference was fun and informative, there is a video I made of it on my blog.

Current Projects:

I will assist with a general redesign of the organization website, as well as a new website for a focused campaign to stop “prisoner renting” (transfer of inmates to other prisons far out of state) at

I will be heavily involved with adding new video functionality to our website, which will use to create web video channels. Our new web video content will come from three sources: video we create, video that users submit to our website, and videos from around the web that my organization curates to display on our website.

I will be managing the database in salesforce, syncing it with out new email account (with an app called “Appirio Contact Sync”), and setting up campaigns through salesforce using an app called “Vertical Response.”

I am editing video for our prisoner renting campaign, and other video.

Specific applications:

- Google Earth Pro: We bought a professional Google Earth account, enabling us to record HD video of prison locations to use for web videos
- Salesforce: Apps: Appirio Contact Sync, Vertical Response
- Final Cut Pro: for video editing
- Google Apps: I set up a new email account through Google Apps for business that can sync with salesforce

Troubleshooting technical issues with Google Earth Pro video recording

Google Apps, Salesforce, Google Earth Pro

I look forward to:
Developing more video for our redesigned website, editing more video for our "stop prisoner renting" campaign, and recording more movies with Google Earth.

For more info and videos, check out my blog:

Comment from Mira Allen on August 31, 2009 - 3:21pm

Great field report Andy. Keep us posted on those videos. I remember hearing about the Hawaiian prisoners some time ago. It's pretty sad.