Communications and Public Relations Specialist

The first month here has gone pretty well. Idealware is organized, and the two other employees have great experience and expertise - so I'm learning a lot! Already my job as expanded, which I'm glad for (I would have been bored with too much research). I'm currently working on a "Fieldguide" to software for nonprofits, and its been exciting incorporating the research into a result that I can see. 4 sections down...11 more to go in the next three weeks.

I've also been developing our social media strategy, and we will be launching a FB page something around September 16. Trying to put a lot of time in up front so that we are prepared and don't have to run any firedrills once we launch, and figuring out how it works in with out overall communications strategy. Keep an eye out for when we launch FB because I will be blogging about our strategies and what works/doesn't work/etc. I am trying to set out clear metrics against which to gauge our success (which you will find out after the fact on our blog).

We are also doing a rebranding exercise and redesigning our website - so lots of activity! All of this is on top of my ongoing research for our social media "don't-yet-know-what-the-final-product-will-be" project.

All in all, things are going well!

Comment from Mira Allen on September 9, 2009 - 4:18pm

Sounds like you're doing alot! Keep an eye out for our next webinar- it's going to be on branding so you might be interested in checking it out.