Earthdate 8.2009


Reviewed the current equipment at NESFP, and created a wishlist of new equipment that I feel would benefit the organization in their media expansion. New Equipment: digital HD camcorder (Canon VIXIA HF S10), one External Hard Drive (G-Technology 1TB G-Raid3), an external Disk Burner (LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drive), blank disks and a spare battery for the camera. The Blu-Ray burner is for archiving raw and edited video for their long-term storage. The new camera and accessories have arrived! I am getting familiar with our new toys. The Canon camcorder is great. We had our annual open house farm tour this month. Our first shoot was successful. I worked on creating a database of footage from Final Cut. This is a pretty straight forward process. In Final Cut Pro, you can export a batch list of any bin or bins with footage. This file can then be imported into a spreadsheet. The idea behind creating this database is to enable a user to search the existing video library for footage and interviews. Hard drive space management might be an issue as we shoot more (ie: running out of room for all footage). In field with Don and Ben to videotape the assembly of a greenhouse. Also went to video Swine School in N. Grafton. This was an all-day event including lecture and demonstration with all things Swine. Rough cut shot and edited of Equipment training. Also edited a rough cut of photo promo. Using Vimeo to host rough cuts, and eventually Youtube for promos. Shooting schedule is busy through October. and now..back to you.