Whoops the months are slipping away...

I just realized that October is almost half gone, which is just craziness! Well, what has happened since I last checked in? I'm still working on most of the same projects, like the Wiki and the "portal project," I think I brought that up last time. If anyone's in the South and knows of any museums or festivals that are related to food, please let me know and I'll make sure I include them!! I'm still helping schedule programs and they've been successful for the most part, I believe. The new website platform is not up yet, because the web-master really works on a volunteer schedule and hasn't had a chance to get everything together yet. I did send him a content layout plan though, so hopefully we'll be able to get that moving pretty shortly.
We had a reception here for the National Food Writer's Conference, and many of the great chefs of New Orleans were here with some very delicious food. Emeril himself stopped by for a bit-- I like to think we exchanged smiles, but I'm not entirely sure! That was a really fun event that I enjoyed participating in. We're going to have another similar reception/ event next week, to kick-off the Big Read Nola project and to hold an opening reception for our first ever Food and Literature Symposium. It should be quite interesting!
I have picked up a few new projects, including building an easy to read mailing list, which is currently a jumbled folder of lists and copies of checks and hand scribbled notes. I've also been helping to organize the Kid's Culinary Camps which happen a few weekends a month, getting the children's registration forms in order and keeping a file on them. I've also taken it upon myself to spend a little bit of time everyday finding an interesting article to post on Facebook relating to food and our community. I'm learning quite a lot and people seem to get into reading them, judging by the comments and thumbs ups! I'm expanding our scope to look at other Southern papers, too! I realized that I have to keep track of all these things that I'm doing, to help me create the manual to leave behind.
It's still a great time, and I'm enjoying the nature of my work here. I can't wait to start scheduling people for events to happen next year!

Comment from Mira Allen on October 14, 2009 - 4:25pm

I am SO jealous that you met Emeril. Sounds like you're having fun:)