Earthdate 10.2009


It is mid-October and we are still hoping to shoot more video training sessions in the field before winter. Currently we have two of them shot. The goal is for three. We have also talked about shooting a total of four, possibly doing one in the spring. These instructional videos will be about 20-30 minutes in length. The first one is on Equipment training (mainly how to run a small farm walk-behind tractor), the second is Irrigation of crops. I'm learning lots about small farming! More about the economics of this type of business..the things that people should learn before venturing into their own business. The third field training that we hope to shoot is on Pest control or weed management. We have also been shooting 'farmer to farmer' interview moments that will be used in the on-line distance learning modules. We have captured one of these already, interviewing a recent graduate who is now successfully farming in N. Reading. Lydia, the recent grad, runs her own CSA (Community supported Ag.) with members. She distributes to her shareholders in Somerville MA and also in N. Reading. We hope to shoot one more 'farmer to farmer' moment this month. Also, the promo slideshow is done and now posted on

My agency has old VHS training videos from various farm organizations. I am in the process of transferring these to DVD. These films and videos are part of their existing lending library. Converting to DVD will squeeze more life out of the tapes, and make it possible for more people to use at home. This will be an on-going project throughout the year.

Coming up in the winter months, I'll mainly be editing the training videos. There is also a plan to help some undergrad students with their senior project film, by contributing existing video footage and access to our farm sites. It is going to be about sustainable agriculture in MA. This will give NESFP more visibility with a short documentary film release next spring.

Comment from Mira Allen on October 27, 2009 - 12:21pm

I loved the vid! What's that tune you put in it? It's very catchy. I really need to come visit you guys one of these days...